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Sports magazine is one of the most popular magazines today. It caters to every kind of sport fan. People can find information about the latest results of major sporting events and news on sports people and even about the latest in their favorite hobbies. The magazine is not only for athletes or sports enthusiasts. People from all walks of life to appreciate this popular periodical.

Sports Illustrated, a weekly sports magazine which was launched in 1954 and is still being developed by Henry Luce. It’s the leading sports magazine in the US. Sports Illustrated is presently published by Meredith Corporation, although the magazine’s intellectual property is currently owned by Authentic Brands Group, a part of the New York Yankees.

Many sports magazines are focused on providing relevant details about the sporting events. Some, however, have much broader appeal like Cooking, Home, Lifestyle, Travel and Style. The latter ones often come up with special feature stories on various topics. The feature articles of a sports magazine are divided into two categories: editorial innovations and contributed articles. Editorial innovations are usually prepared by professional editors working in the magazines.

Contributing articles are those written by sports enthusiasts, professionals or journalists. They offer expert insights on current events that are essential to the readers. Sports journalism is an important component of the wider field of sports journalism. A daily newspaper has a limited space for presenting sports stories.

Entertainment magazines like Entertainment Tonight, Variety, Gossip Girl, Allure, etc. provide similar news and features sections to sports magazines. Most women prefer to read fashion and beauty magazines. In fact, majority of women nowadays prefer to go to the entertainment magazine stands to get their favorite magazines. Entertainment magazines are no doubt indispensable reading materials.

There are many sports magazines available in the market. All you need to do is find out one that caters to your interest. Today, many people enjoy following their favorite sport. Whether it’s cricket, tennis, football, basketball, ice hockey, horse racing, auto racing, etc., there are many sports magazines that publish stories and photographs on these sports. For people who are fond of watching sports, they also purchase several sports magazines.

A bi-weekly magazine, which is published twice a month, costs less than a weekly magazine. It’s also popular among students, professionals and parents. A bi-weekly magazine is affordable because it’s published on weekdays. You can easily purchase it from bookstores and newsstands for just a few pounds. Some of the most common bi-weekly magazines are: British Ladies Golf, Country Life, Fast Food, High School Sports, Men’s Weekly, People and Sports.

There is also a bi-monthly magazine that is released every December. It’s popular among students as it provides serious topics along with entertainment and shopping tips. It’s priced lower than the other two bi-weekly magazines. It’s a great read for all those people who love reading general sports stories. People enjoy reading bi-weekly magazines because they can be brought along anywhere. The price of a single magazine is less than a dozen newspaper comics.

Sports Magazines: These are available in a number of different categories. There’s a dedicated sports section for each major magazine. It contains important sport stories, including commentaries, schedules and results of major sporting events.

Golf: This magazine is widely read by golf enthusiasts and lovers. It’s a weekly magazine that provides important information about the sport. It’s packed with features, interviews and advice from top golfing professionals. This magazine is available at most newsstands and bookstores.

Travel: Travelling issues are all time spent away from home. It’s an exciting and fun way to discover new places. It includes travel articles, reviews and recommendations. It’s very popular with honeymooners, newlyweds and travellers. It can be a great companion to your travels.

Health and Fitness: It’s one of the most popular magazines covering general sports. It covers a variety of subjects related to health, exercise, nutrition, vitamins and diets. It’s a weekly magazine. It also provides news and features on celebrity gossip. It’s a wonderful companion to your diet and fitness efforts.

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